2015 Picnic At Ross

Every year on the third Sunday in May, there’s a car show called the Picnic At Ross. Ross is a lovely little town, 120km north of Hobart. It’s full of character with its shops and cafes, all of them old buildings made of timber or sandstone.

The car show is held at the sports grounds on the outskirts of town. Ross is a more central town in geographic terms, and that means it attracts cars from both the north and the south of the state, which is great for hermits like me who don’t travel north very often.


The meet was probably 50% Ford and Holden but as usual, you won’t see many of those here. OK, maybe a few Fords. For some reason, I ended up shooting mostly Citroens today. Maybe it’s because they’re so damn interesting.

To the photos!

If I showed you a big Maserati V6……


….followed by a series of green spheres……


….you’d probably know what model car I was talking about…. IF you’re a car person.

Yes, it’s a Citroen with a Maserati engine, the mighty Citroen SM.


I didn’t even know we had a Citroen SM in Tasmania and to my surprise, this one lives in the south of the state. Apparently it’s the only one in Tassie.

This SM is one of 300 made for the British market, all of which were LHD. Its current fine state reflects a wonderful restoration done some years ago. It had presence to die for, both inside and out.

I loved the gear change setup. It’s almost as sexy as the traditional steel-gate setup from the days when Ferraris had manual shifters.


The previous owner had an engine fire shortly after a rebuild was completed. He installed an under-bonnet fire system, operated by this eye-opener of a button.



I’m not sure what was going on with this early 1960’s Ford Falcon but it was interesting, to say the least.




It was nice to see this Porsche 924 Turbo at the show. It’s the first one I’ve seen in Tasmania. The 931 and 932 are slowly, slowly creeping up in value.




This BMW 2800CS lives in the south. I’ve photographed it a few times at Classics but even so, I couldn’t walk away from it today. Its lines are so beautiful. Sadly, like a LOT of cars today, its windows were closed and I couldn’t get a good shot of the interior.





The Citroen guys love to show off their hydraulics. This DS had the jack inserted underneath and the rear guard removed, simulating a rear wheel change. It was just for effect, though.



One of my mates from Club Motori Italia had his new-to-him Citroen CX Pallas at the picnic today. It’s a great story, too. The car owes him about $400 – in total – and as you can see it doesn’t look too shabby at all. It had been sitting idle for years when he picked it up for a pittance but with a fresh battery and some fresh fuel, it started right up. The hydraulics are fine, too.

I sat inside the car to take a few of these photos and the seats are soooooo cushy. I’d love to take it for a drive one day.


I have another shot of this Ferrari Testarossa – a shot where I’m not getting photobombed – but I couldn’t resist this one.

Well played, Sir.


And a few detail shots, for fun…..





Some detail shots of (what I think is) a delightful Citroen Traction Avant. There are a few photographic sins present in these shots. Please forgive.






A couple of the Lotuses present at the show today……




OK, I photographed one Holden today. But only one 🙂

I’m actually somewhat partial to these early Commodores. This VC model from 1980-81 has got some livery from HDT, which was Holden’s hot version back in the day.



The Leyland P76 is a car with a chequered history. It won the Australian Car Of The Year award when it was released as a rival to family cars from Ford, Holden and Valiant in 1973. Reliability problems and the 70’s oil crisis meant it had a short life but it still has a very loyal band of devotees today. One of my uncles has 3 or 4 of them stowed away in a shed.


Check the funky upholstery….


One of the P76’s claims to fame was a boot so big it could accommodate a 44-gallon drum (with room to spare) – something ably demonstrated by one owner at the show today…..



Another Citroen study….. this time a very cute 2CV Dolly.


I love these early Porsches. This one’s a 911T with the 2.2 litre flat-six.




Cars on show at the Picnic at Ross are supposed to be at least 20 years old. I don’t think anyone could conceive of turning away a sexy new F-Type Jaguar, though.


The F-Type was parked amongst the main group of cars. The Jaguar owners club didn’t want to be seen with the riff-raff, however. They parked about 100 meters away from the main group.

Given this silly level of snobbery, I limited myself to only one photo from their group – shot of my favourite classic Jag from their collection – a Series 1 XJ.






Porsche Spyder replica…..





And a couple more Fords…..

There were a LOT of Mustangs here today. They’re exciting to look at, but I have a feeling they’d be a bit of a pig to drive.



There were quite a few small Fords there today, too. The early Cortinas are always a favourite and I have a feeling this would be more fun to drive than the big Mustang.



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  1. I would have liked a full car photo of the Traction Avant. The BMW is my Fav but the TA is a very close second.

    1. Yeah, I feel a little embarrassed about the fact that I don’t have one. I got a little carried away looking at curves and then moved on to the Dolly next door.

    1. That’s OK, Andy. I’m well aware.

      One of my longest-standing Saab mates in the UK is a Jag owner. And there’s you, too, of course.

      I’d love one myself, actually. One day.

  2. The SM is one of my all time favourites. I can still remember when I had my first encounter with one of them. It felt like it came right from the future. And still feels a bit like it. It is very sad that Citroen never tried to come up with a successor, and there are actually concept drawings by fans who asked for it.