Video: Saab 96 on For The Love Of Cars

I’ve just finished watching this episode of For The Love Of Cars and I just had to share it here. It’s a great story, but even more than that, it’s a great little Saab 96.

There’s a bit of a story to this. The program you’re about to see was aired on Channel 4 in Britain last Sunday. The auction you see in the video was actually conducted back in January, but the day before the show went on TV (i.e. last Saturday), the car was auctioned once again.

The reasons behind all this back-and-forth become clear at the end of the show and it’s a touching story. I haven’t been able to find the price from last weekend’s auction but hopefully it’ll become public soon.

About the car – it’s a basic Saab 96 from the early 70’s but it wins the boys over completely with its engineering and its charm. It made my want to go hunt one down, actually.

The program goes for 50 minutes. Enjoy.

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  1. Great episode, if I had the money I would consider fronting up for the 96. I never really ‘got’ the 96 to until this episode but its put me in mind to look for a 96 or 900 when I have the cash.. The lads do a great job on all the cars – this one topped the Escort BDA from last year.

    Phil Glennister is odds on to take over Top Gear as well…

  2. Excellent!

    Swade, if you have not seen the latest video from Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay interviews Christian von Koenigsegg and test drives the CCXR Trevita in Los Angeles.

    1. Yeah, I watched it yesterday. It’s actually 5 or 6 years old so it’s strange that they’re posting it now, but brilliant to watch nonetheless. The Trevitas were beautiful cars (still are!).

      1. Ah, just saw the post date being recent. I did not realize it was 5-6 years old.

  3. What a stunning car! This programme is full of the reasons why I love Saabs and Volvos so much. I hope it found a new home. If I could, I’d have it in a heart beat.

    Cuore Sportivo!

  4. Watching it now – thanks for the link. No car, Saab or otherwise, gave me the thrill and fun that my 66 Saab 96 did. Today’s cars are incredibly superior but the fun has been programmed out.

  5. Swade. I have just heard the 96 went for £15,000 and all the money will go to a Cancer Charity.

  6. That was wonderful, Swade, thanks so much for the tip. I admit I may have gotten a bit misty at the end…

  7. Strange there was no mention off two strokes or even the V4 which powered the restoration project? However I’m sure the V4 will be mentioned in the next episode on an early Ford Transit van. The Aston Martin DBS episode is certainly worth watching too. Actually I’d love to see Ant tackle a 99 Turbo restoration.

  8. What a great show that was. Interesting choice of tartan interior. And I think they lost the big bumpers along the way without saying anything about it. Those black things saved money by surviving small collisions. But they do look a bit too big for a small car like that.
    I have had several 95 and 96 and one of the 95:s were a 1976 model like the one in the show. In the same colour. And with the big black bumpers. Modified with the larger 1700 cc engine from a Ford Taunus 17m. 🙂
    My current V4 is a white 1969 95 seven-seater.

    I love the sound of that V4 engine. It is both reassuringly lazy in low revs AND aggressive rallye heritage in high revs. Lovely!

  9. Very nice!
    Saabs were made better than all the other run-of-the-mill brands. Yep, I agree.
    What a shame it fell apart for those who raised the bar.

  10. Really cool story, old Saabs will let you know how great they are if you take them apart and fix everything. Great quote by Mr. Carlsson “If you really like to drive I don’t think you could find anything better”
    You really have to drive a 96 to understand it, almost everyone is very happy after a 96 trip. Eric always has a soft spot for an early 96, he certainly has many memories in them.
    That 900 convertible looks just like mine but the steering wheel is on the wrong side, I was driving my GT850 today, and got a thumbs up from about 8 people, one of them an old guy in a Lincoln Town car!

  11. Swade, deep down you know you want it… so buy that (perhaps) most Saab-ish of all Saabs… it will make you a more complete Saab lover.
    (Although I think its 95 model variety is the ultimate, quintessential Saab…)

  12. Great show. Brought back many memories. I had a 1966 96 when I graduated from College. What a great car. My dad bought a demonstrator from a friend of his who was a dealer. He paid like $1500 USD for it. I drove it for years. But it was a 2 stroke which is the right engine for this car.

    So the film brought back many memories.

    I am not sure what I would restore if I would get an old Saab. I like the bull nose 93s as well. We also had a 93b and a 95 in our family.

  13. Eurovision Song Contest going on right at this moment (voting). I guess Swade is watching. 🙂

    1. Sadly, this year, I am away and can’t watch. And it’s the first (and maybe only) time Australia is involved!! I hope Guy Sebastian has represented us well.

        1. I’m watching the voting online now. Great result. And GO SWEDEN!!

          I have two countries in the top 5 🙂