How many of you are exhausted now that we’re down to the last weekend before the election? I know I am. I’ve been watching this debacle since the primary season began and the only solace that I can take is at least it’s not my country that’s beating itself up – again.

A few things that have happened recently….

This week, Donald Trump either twisted the truth or blatantly lied in his stump speeches about the following: the likelihood of an investigation into Hillary Clinton leading to charges, the number of emails under investigation, the destruction of emails, the Clinton Foundation, the issues on the southern US border, Hillary Clinton’s open borders, violent criminal aliens, murder rates in the US, tax increases, the supposed depleted condition of the US military and the reasons why, workers’ hours and wages being cut, Obamacare premium rises, Obamacare deductibles, ISIS, and social media burying stories.

This week, Hillary Clinton somewhat misrepresented Trump’s positions in her stump speeches about the following: nuclear weapons, Japan and North Korea, 9/11 (a little, maybe), Tiananmen Square (again, just maybe), his ability to fix everything, equal pay, voter suppression and the Muslim ban.

If you actually read those links, you’ll see that I’m not mis-characterising my descriptions when I say outright lies for one and misrepresentations for the other.

The FBI has been exposed as a body in conflict with itself, within which there is a group of partisan operatives that may be pressuring their Director, but at the very least are leaking information with a view to swinging the election towards one particular candidate.

That fact alone should make an honest citizen’s blood freeze.

Rudy Giuliani has exposed himself as being in touch with this group, knowing well beforehand that leaks were going to happen and that the Comey letter was going to come out. Giuliani is a top surrogate for Trump.

Militia groups in Georgia are training, just in case Hillary Clinton becomes President.

One arrest was made for voter fraud. It was a woman voting twice for Donald Trump in Iowa.

Several instances of voter suppression have been reported, especially in North Carolina, where the number of early voting sites was initially well down on 2012. That number has since been raised.

Voters were added back to the rolls in North Carolina thanks to the judiciary after being removed following private campaigns by right-affiliated voter watch groups

A judge in Ohio granted a restraining order preventing Trump’s poll watching army and his ally Roger Stone from engaging in voter intimidation. This is actually happening.

Melania Trump gave a speech where she said her focus as First Lady would be to try and put a stop to bullying, especially on social media. I can’t fault the nobility of her cause, but seriously….

Hillary Clinton kept saying “When they go low, we go high.” Then she’d go low. As with Melania, I can’t fault her reasoning. Just stop saying the slogan and be honest. Hillary is a crap candidate who got too cocky 10 days ago and has seen the momentum go to Trump because of it. She should have kept her foot on his neck back then.

John Podesta was accused of participating in a Satanic ritual involving menstrual blood, semen and breast milk. I had to laugh hearing Alex Jones say that out loud. The alt-right – which you can’t really dismiss as a bunch of crazies right now given that one of its doyens is the CEO of a candidate’s campaign – ran with this story as being a serious thing that actually happened. It did not.

Wikileaks, which was the sworn enemy of conservatives a few years ago when it showed video of US military helicopters killing unarmed civilians in Iraq, is now the conservative’s darling.

It was announced yesterday that the US added 161,000 jobs in November and the unemployment rate is down to 4.9%. It was 10% in October 2009. Wages growth is at 2.8%.


The US was divided back in 2008 when it came to the issue of electing a black man as President for the first time. But even that was nothing like what we’re seeing in 2016.

Sadly, tragically, I think there may be some people killed next Tuesday at voting places in America. I think that could actually happen. I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen, but tensions are so high right now that it’s a possibility.

The Republican Party has a despicable nominee. He’s had 3am Twitter fights with beauty pageant contestants. He’s proposed a ludicrous scheme to build a wall (have you seen the sums on that) and deport 11.3 million people (which, aside from being immoral, will come at a cost of $400 billion and a loss of $1 Trillion to the US GDP). His own words on how he’s treated women condemn him as a perpetrator of serial sexual assault and ritual misogyny. He’s threatened to stifle press freedom through litigation and he’s also threatened to jail his political opponent. Both of those proposals are usually the preserve of iron-fisted dictators in tin-pot countries.

Donald Trump has consistently lied throughout this campaign. This is not a point for discussion. It’s just a fact. Politifact rate 70% of his statements as either “Mostly False”, “False” or “Pants On Fire”. He has used his personality to persuade people that untruths are true and he’s played on people’s fears to whip them into a state of frenzy. He’s a political PT Barnum of the highest order and sadly, there are plenty of wounded people willing to line up behind him.

Sadly, the left doesn’t have much to offer, either. While I believe Hillary Clinton to be a fundamentally decent person, a tireless worker and someone with the temperament and experience to actually do the job of being president, there’s no doubt she’s a flawed and compromised candidate.

Her candidacy is shrouded in smoke and whether you believe there’s fire there or not, her Presidency will be a torrid affair. Members of congress have vowed to block her Supreme Court nominations and others are already preparing investigations that they say will last for years.

While I feel like I know a reasonable amount about US politics for an outsider, I don’t yet know all the pitfalls and bumps. But it seems to me that there’s something fundamentally broken with the US political system.

This whole thing of 18-month political campaigns with billions of dollars being spent to elect someone to the highest office in the land, with the responsibility for both security and prosperity – and it all coming down to what’s basically a popularity contest with no experience necessary – that’s a broken system.

A system where the elected representatives can stall legislation just by standing up for crazy periods of time and talking about anything is a broken system.

A system that allows lawmakers and lobbyists to hijack the mandate given by the people is a broken system.

And right now, that broken system is breaking your country.

I can see why Trump appeals to some people. I can see the need to have someone come in and shake up the establishment in Washington. I can wholly understand why some people are crying out for it.

But Donald Trump is not the man for the job.

Yes, you’ll get another 4 years of potential gridlock with Hillary Clinton but at least you’ll have another 4 years of representative democracy where the country won’t be in much danger of crumbling around your feet. She will annoy some people and she will implement some things that various interest groups won’t like (even if a majority of people, over all, do like them – like closing the gun show loophole).

With Trump, it’s a total crap shoot. The markets are already saying there’ll be a 3% to 5% fall in index values. Immediately. If he does press ahead with his plan for massive tax cuts along with his deportation force, the wall, military spending (so un-needed when you already spend more than twice as much as the #2 military spender) and other infrastructure spending, then your deficit is going to blow out … bigly. His protectionist trade talk isn’t going to bring jobs back to the rust belt and his plan to double-down on coal is both an epic denial of accepted climate science and cheating the country out of new technology jobs.

And that’s saying nothing about what happens if an international leader keeps him up tweeting to all hours of the night.

America is divided. Sadly, neither of these candidates is likely to heal that rupture. That will have to wait until both parties – or a third party (Imagine that!) – can serve up candidates that can both inspire change and carry it through.

Until then, I hope you elect the candidate that will keep the country functioning.


Hillary Clinton is going to win on Tuesday. She’s not going to win by as much as I had hoped, but she’s going to win.

I hope she can do the job that will be entrusted to her. The first female Presidency should be a cause for celebration, but it won’t be. Like everything else at the moment, it’ll be a scrap. A fight with few winners and plenty of losers.

The one positive that might come from it is that it’ll make life easier for the next female US President.

I hope that on November 9 people can start treating each other with some kindness again.

Maybe the one thing that saddens me most is that the US I see on the news at the moment isn’t the US that I’ve visited a number of times. When I visit the States, I spend time with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, having interesting conversations and doing some great things.

It’s sometimes said that America is the home to best and the worst of everything. That’s not actually true, but it’s close.

I hope the country’s better angels get some oxygen again soon.

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  1. IT might seem ironic posting this on the web but a great many problems are down to the Internet giving airtime to cranks on both sides AND the instant, anonymous ability to say things we probably don’t mean and when we do are often misinterpreted. A great story form Dara O’Brian (Irish stand up, check him out if you haven’t seen him) about meeting a troll in person. Except the ‘troll’ was a huge fan and Dara had to explain to him that his responses didn’t come across as banter but as quite threatening.

    I preferred it when we argued over the shape of SAAB door handles. The GM ones were fine and anyone who disagrees, well I’m cleaning my shotgun right now 🙂

  2. Great read again.
    You did miss the fraudulent text in your vote to Hillary which people started doing to miss the lines at the polls. Not sure where this originated but hope the word got out to those that did this.
    Long lines already for states with early voting. Just can’t wait for all this to over. Too bad we can’t fast forward to the next election hoping with better choices and that we aren’t mired down from this one.. I was able to do an absentee ballot so my vote is in.

    With my family visiting last month in my new home on our road trips through 3 states, we counted the signs for both candidates and Trump was always ahead….hope this doesn’t ring true with next week’s results. This area is so country and farmlands compared to the cosmopolitan tri-state I previously resided.

    1. I noticed the same thing with the signs when I was in New Hampshire and Mass a few months ago. No adverts for Hillary but a few for Trump. Not many, but it was a few vs zero.

      I didn’t think too much of it. In such a poisonous atmosphere, with such threatening language around, it doesn’t surprise me that people aren’t advertising their allegiances.

  3. So right on…thank you for your insights…we need them up here in the USA. Having owned 10 SAABs from 1972-2008 I always enjoyed your blogs…but you have now found your real niche…US politics….

    1. Haha Elliot Feldbau! Always much easier to see clearer from the outside 😉 — I often think that, given USA’s huge place of influence in the world today, the “Rest of the World” should have a casting vote in the Presidential elections! It’s OK for a candidate to speak of Americanism, but please, USA, remember the place you have chosen to take in the world and act responsibly!

  4. The FBI should have indicted Hilary in the first place and they are duty bound to inform the American voters what a corrupt person they are about to choose to elect before it’s too late. This is why you are seeing a revolt. DOJ blocked the FBI but nobody stops NYPD form “Serving to Protect.” If this is new to you that’s because it’s too toxic for the sycophant, American Pess to expose. Google NYPD Weiner laptop and you will just touch the tip of the iceberg.

    Anthony Weiner, former husband to Huma Abedin is now under full investigation by the NYPD, not the FBI. There is nothing the DOJ can do to stop this. They are finding evidence of Bill’s 26 trips to “Orgy Island” with Jeffrey Epstein. Now it has just broke that Hilary accompanied them on 6 of this trips where underage girls were involved.

    Enticement of a child is extremely serious if convicted. NYPD now believe that this laptop has 2 TB of data with 650,000 emails, some Classified. Weiner may have purchased special classified phones for use between Huma and Hilary. It is another felony to do this without authorized clearance.

    I am writing in favorable style because no one has been indicted, hence “may” and “could” are in my descriptions.

    Even should she win, Hilary can still be impeached and tried. Then America will be in a venomous, Constitutional crisis.

    Trump is not the most ethical politician but so few are and I know a few but at least Trump loves America in a way that
    people are again craving since Ronald Reagan.

    1. You’re quoting BS alt-right theories there, Peter. No credibility. Don’t pollute my page with that garbage again. I have absolutely zero tolerance for alt-right news. It is unsubstantiated, conspiracy theorist bullshit and it’s a joke that those who claim the mainstream media is biased then go and quote from these obviously agenda-drive sources.

      1. Peter is right and Swade is way off base………

        Swade’s list of Trump lies are all very debatable if not truths.

        Swade does not believe BS alt-right news but drinks the coolaid of in the tank mainstream USA media, that is the pollution here.

        Swade mentions nothing of the Clinton foundation which is the core issue in why Hillary and Bill are so despicable. They left the White House “broke” [their words] and stole $150,000 dollars worth of federal property [Swade’s number……more like $200,000+] and are now worth millions. Where did that come from? Russians buying 20% of our US Uranium supplier, Morocco paying $12 million + for a Hillary Clinton visit…..Millions more from overseas interests and governments who needed our Secy of state to clear the way for their interests. And much of it came through Canada so it could be later laundered into the USA.

        Hillary is on the hook to return favors for this investment……no wonder people will be watching and holding hearings IF she becomes president.

        I just read 3 stories of state authorities cracking down on voter registration fraud it is happening and not a fabrication.

        Trump will win. Americans are fed up with the Clintons and the Democrats. If I am wrong on Trump winning you can lambaste me Swade……I strongly feel it is in the works.

        1. I absolutely believe in the integrity of the profession of journalism. I have to. You have to. Because if we don’t have a professional fourth estate then nobody’s got any reliable source of information.

          Yes, you have to judge the editorial line, take it into account, and then read from multiple sources. That’s the way you get balanced information fro which you can make a judgement. I do all of that. Everyday.

          I just gave you all 1500 objective words using at least a dozen different professional sources. Peter gave me ‘Orgy Island’ from an alt-right hack site. It’s a f#@!ing insult.

          Donald Trump got poor or negative coverage in the media/press because he was acting like a complete idiot. He talked about the size of his penis during a presidential debate!! How do you expect that to be covered? Dancing girls and marching bands?? He called an entire nation (except for a few good people, I suppose) drug dealers and rapists. There are so many bad lines – how could they not get negative press?

          He’s getting plenty of favourable press now – or a lack of negative press if you want to put it that way – because he’s actually staying on message. He’s not rating women by their looks on the stump anymore and he’s doing better because of it. Staying on message and people’s distaste for Hillary is the reason he’s closed the gap in the last 10 days. It wasn’t that hard. Just don’t act like a cock.

          I’m amazed that you don’t see the irony in saying that I’m drinking the cool-aid when I read and quote from multiple, professional sources, and you’re throwing stories at me from 100% partisan websites. Pot, meet gigantic kettle.

          Trump won’t win. And I won’t lambaste you at all for it. That’s not me.

          I have no dog in this race. It’s not my country and I can’t vote. I’m just interested as an outside observer who’s country will catch a cold if America sneezes.

          I don’t like Hillary that much, but I am a lefty and I do recognise that she’s eminently more qualified for this job, both in terms of experience and temperament. Donald would be off the leash if he was in the Oval and we’ve all seen what Donald’s like when he’s off the leash.

          And again, Dick, despite all these chances in the arguments we’ve had over the last month, despite all the invitations I’ve made for you to do so, you’ve still not given me a reason – not one – why you think Trump will be good at this. All you’ve got is Hillary hatred. That shit’ll eat you from the inside.

        2. You’re right, its totally despicable that the Clinton Foundation has been so successful in raising funds and *gasp* spending it on actual programs like AIDS prevention (86% according to the IRS, which is way higher than most charities). She should have spent it on portraits and legal bills instead, like the other candidate.

          The other points you raise are also from the bizarre fantasy world of alt-right media. Maybe she killed President Lincoln, to blame the South? Who knows? But I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the places you got your stories from suggested it seriously.

          The thing that most amazes me about Clinton is that she’s still dedicated to doing public service despite all the hate and mud slung at her by individuals who need help. Maybe now more people can afford healthcare, some of them can get it.

          If Trump wins then the country really does have a problem. America is the only Presidential democracy that hasn’t been through a coup. I think the odds of that go up tremendously with Trump as President when he orders a nuclear strike on Canada or something.

          I thought no one would be fooled by President Bush II’s easy charm, but I was mistaken and it lead to the biggest terrorist attack on US soil (that he could have stopped if he listened to Clinton’s advice instead of ignoring it), 600,000 dead, millions turned into refugees, and the greatest economic collapse since the depression. And the democrats again had to pick up and fix the country afterwards. Turn out will be the key, because as we’ve seen on this list, facts aren’t going to change people’s mind. I’m just hoping the GOP supporters won’t vote, maybe they will get a conscience and realize what they are inflicting on the rest of us but I doubt it.

          I repeat hope we don’t see a repeat of 2000, particularly with a contested election, because I don’t think there will be much left of the country after Trump finishes with it.

          1. This shit ^ was made up nonsense in it’s entirety. Yet somehow
            Swade was not compelled to set the record as he sees it straight.
            Whole cloth fabricated nauseating dribble. And unfortunately far to common.

          2. You can visit the usual websites that fact check if you want. Here’s the report from charitywatch which says their charitable work is higher than I initially indicated.


            I have to say, I wrestled greatly over whether to respond to you and the earlier Pro-Trump supporters. I know I’m unlikely to change your mind, as anyone who is still backing Trump can’t be persuaded otherwise at this point. I just can’t stand seeing a bunch of lies be treated as truth when it’s so easy to find the real source and facts. Not responding would put me in the same camp as those who didn’t say anything when the Nazi party seized power in Germany. Hence I decided to respond.

            The NYTimes has an opinion piece today that says one of the lessons from this campaign is to call a racist a racist. It is one of the few things I agree with Paul Ryan is that Trump has said racist things, which makes him a racist. The main difference is that I don’t believe party comes before country, which is why my first vote in a Presidential campaign will be for Hillary Clinton.

            I wish more republicans could do the same.

          3. Oh. I’m afraid you lost me as soon as you linked Charity Watch and actually quoted The NY Times. Your attempt to show some research has actually proven your lack there of.

          4. Which news service was first to break the Clinton email server story, Paul? I’ll give you a hint – it wasn’t Brietbart. It wasn’t an alt-right website at all. It wasn’t even Fox News.

            It was that Clinton-loving left wing rag, the New York Times.

            By your logic, the whole server story must, therefore, be a lie and a non-issue, right?

  5. I’m with you Peter. Chin up.
    Take pride in telling the truth even while it’s described as pollution by the alt-left. Sooner or later even they will be forced to see the ugly truth.

    1. I mentioned that The mainstream press is so in the tank for Hilary that alternative media is the only place to find out what is going on. We will see when the enactments begin.

      1. Peter,

        Drudge broke the Monica Lewinsky story……the mainstream press would not touch it!1b

    2. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile. However the email server story actually ” broke” and subsequently was buried a full two years prior to any mention by the NYT.

  6. how do you explain bleaching, ie destroying 33K emails, and at least 10 devices, telephones, computers with sledge hammers, after receiving a Congressional Federal Subpoena?

    i guess that’s the FBI guys, the vast right wing conspiracy,et al, but couldn’t be directives from LLPSOF?

    Off to jail for the Clinton’s, two Federal Criminal Investigations, into her illegal homebrew email server, and the Clinton Crime Foundation, concurrently at over five FBI field offices.

    Clinton Karma, for decades of crimes, all well documented.

    1. Tim, I assume….

      It’s all here, as well as multiple other sources if you care to look for what happened.

      Hillary Clinton’s private server was managed by an external company. The external company scrubbed the server but they didn’t do it until several months after it was requested. An “Oh shit” moment, as described by the technician when he realised he hadn’t done it yet. The subpoena came a few weeks before the server was scrubbed but several months after Clinton’s office requested that it be scrubbed.

      Using a program like bleach-bit would not be unusual at all in such circumstances. In fact, it would be expected from a sensitive department like State when hardware is being decomissioned, as would the destruction of the hardware. Maybe you’d prefer that they just un-plug it and take it to Cash Converters?

      Let them investigate. That’s fine. But until then, what you’ve got is hatred and innuendo. You’re entitled to your own opinion. You’re not entitled to your own facts.

  7. Another good read. I hope Americas flirtation with fascism is over at the end of this election. It is more than a little troubling to see one of our candidates being backed by the secret police.

  8. I tend to make few comments on politics or politicians mainly because of the polarization. He said, she said, he is a chump, she is a crook, it all boils down to each person’s feelings of ill about the opposition. I don’t think there was a clear choice for President of the United States of America since Eisenhower v. Stevenson in 1952. Either candidate in 1952 was a good choice. Since then, there have been no good choices, only a candidate who won. I am not saying, the winner did not make a good or decent POTUS, only there was no choice.

    What worries me most is “my Generation” or the Baby Boomers now supposedly running the show. The previous generation or the “Greatest Generation” survived the Great Depression, a World War, the Korean War and the Cold War. They, however, gave us the Vietnam War and a couple of smaller “police actions” to clean up colonial mistakes (both the US and Europe). Since the election of Bill Clinton (the first Boomer POTUS), the polarization has gotten much worse, leading to today.

    I previously quoted Bob Sinclair “I voted for someone else, but he is my president” and will again. Whoever wins this coming Tuesday, he/she is my President, I will support them, but will point out (complain) areas they need to address.

    1. I blame Citizens United. Since money can be poured into campaigns without any effective controls on it, candidates who would be too polarizing at the best of times can stay in the race and weaken more moderate candidates like Kaisch.

  9. Money is First Amendment, free speech as I told Russ Feingold (D) Wisconsin him his Bill with McCain would eventually be thrown out by the Supreme court.

    Remember companies/corporations have as much right as do Unions to donate money. This animosity to Citizens United never mentions the Unions which unlike corporations take dues from people who against their political wishes to give to the Democratic Party.

  10. @swade

    do you think your viewpoints are impacted by the fact you come from a socialist country, with highly unionised workforces, socialised medicine, that is funded by the US? Defence, also assisted by the US, you know the trade offs for Pine Gap etc

  11. just one criminal investigation into the Crime Family Foundation, btw they haven’t said the LLPSOF investigation is closed, keep in mind, they didn’t reopen it, it was never closed.

    it’s well known Obama, and Bill don’t have much time for each other, i think it all started when Bill was recorded saying, “wasn’t that long ago, that he’d be carrying my bags” proven to be correct in a sense, he’s been carrying and defending LLPSOF for some time.

    Poor Obama, will bury his legacy. He knowingly lied to the American public in the 60 Minutes interview when he said he found out about the illegal homebrew server when the public did via the media, when the FBI have identified 18 email threads from, and to LLPSOF and himself, at the non secure server address.

    a corrupt lot the Dems in the US, they voted 75% for Slavery, when the Republican Party voted 100% to abolish it, but they’ll have you believe, at least Obama will that the GOP has KKK connections, smacks of desperation.

    1. “they voted 75% for Slavery, when the Republican Party voted 100% to abolish it, but they’ll have you believe, at least Obama will that the GOP has KKK connections, smacks of desperation.”
      A disingenuous comment often trotted out in current discussions. Since Goldwater all that changed.

      1. If you don’t believe me, google LLPSOF comments, and gratitude to Ex KKK Senator Robert Byrd.

        says it al, Ya all

    2. Hey Tim,

      I have a source (wink) who has a photo (wink wink) of Hillary Clinton back in her college days (wink wink wink) and she’s driving her car to the store WITHOUT WEARING A SEAT BELT!!

      All you have to do: break in to this source’s house, scan the photo then send it to Wikileaks, them BAM! You’ll get her on that one.

  12. Enough of the Breitbard propaganda! Byrd was an EX KKK leader who DISAVOWED the movement and became a civil rights campaigner!

    1. Swade,

      the fundamental difference is, LLPSOF not wearing her seatbelt put her life at risk, whereas having her illegal homebrew server puts all our lives at risk, including the US allies.

      For the record, none of the Democrats have not refuted the Wikileaks published emails, because they know they are genuine.

      All they’ve tried to do is convince everyone they are driven by Gotham’s archenemy, those GodDamn Russians.

      Even ANONYMOUS, the source, came out and stated “and we are not Russians”

  13. top five staffers including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chairman of the DNC were sacked as a result of the Wikileaks, a testament to the truth coming to light, and justice being served.

    what a joke that DWS was then put on the official payroll over at LLPSOF camp, wink, wink, nod, nod. after deciding Bernie’s fate, all factual, all in evidence. Poor Bernie was stating at the time, the process was rigged, and hew spot on.

  14. Oh sorry, did i forget to mention her replacement at the DNC, Donna Brazile, was sacked by CNN last week, because she gave LLPSOF questions prior to the debates.

  15. If you guys have the strange feeling there is something wrong with the politics, U.S. election, the situation in the Middle East/terrorism, our western zero growth economy and the worldwide news?
    Just look at this list and ask yourself wouldn’t it be in these peoples best interests to keep things status quo? At least they’ve financed the Clinton campaign so I’m sure they expect the candidate to take care of them ones in office?

    It’s like the 15 trillion debt Bush and Obama have taken on the American people during their tenures has been spread out to these 1000 individuals and the organizations that don’t show up on the Forbes list.
    HRC champion of the middle class. Yeah right…

    Google Hillary donors and look for yourself. Stuff like this also pops up.
    Someone could also be interested in the history of the Federal Reserve and all of the other Central Banks of the world to connect some new dots.

  16. You’re a brave lad Stephen. Unfortunately, rational argument holds little sway in these discussions.

    They oddly remind me of Saab discussions a few years ago on SU, just after you sold it.

    While I’ll be pleased to see Mr. Trump lose, I fear a Trump~esque like character could be rationalized as OK to vote for by either side in the future. Rationalization is a curious process. We humans like to find a way to justify why our side is right.

  17. all you need to do is follow the money, re how much Clinton has spent on campaign v Trump, the advertising spend, a big expense category, has been c 4 to 1.

    and by all reports from the Clinton campaign, they have many more millions of people involved in the ground campaign v Trump’s numbers.

    i don’t think there’s any secret, nor argument that the Clinton’s campaign has been funded with much more than Trump’s.

    1. Indeed they did, Tim.

      I have a full day of work at my real job ahead of me but I won’t shy away from what’s happened and the loss of the side that I supported. That’s something to keep me entertained tonight.

      1. Romney in 2012 got more than 1.7 million people votes than Trump did in 2016. Over 5 million voters who voted for Obama in 2012 didn’t turn up at the polls. That’s how Trump won: the lack of turnout.

  18. What happened in the 2016 election? The people of the USA took their country back from the globalists who were working hard to destroy the USA.

    Now we have 4 year and then another 4 and another 4 to rebuild the country.

    Trump and his new team have a big job ahead of them, bu they start off with the advantage of having both houses, and the people behind them.

    He was clear with his message. Make America Great. Jobs, borders, security.

    Our great country is entering potentially one of the greatest eras in our history.

    We need to all work together to make it happen.