Donald Trump is President-Elect of the United States

I have a full day of work ahead of me so I’ll write my thoughts about the US election result when I get home tonight.

For now, he’s something poignant from Radiohead that’s been on my mind since The Donald got The Big Mo around 12 days ago.

“You do it to yourself……”

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  1. I tried to warn you! He won because the represents what the people really want. We are tired of the alt-left destruction of our country.

    1. Well, looks like North Korea isn’t the only country with an unstable leader and nuclear weapons after 20 January.

      Apparently the first three items on Paul Ryan’s list are

      1. Cancel healthcare for 20 million people
      2. Privatize medicare
      3. Privatize social security

      What a distressing turn of events.

    1. What’s the matter with privatizing health care? The Government versions in America are very unstable especially ObamaCare which is literally collapsing under it own inept weight. My own father was one of the main architects of the British NHS and he warned me how bad ObamaCare was when is was first concocted.

      I just returned from England on late Monday night and my best mate over there is still in the hospital after 14 weeks, due to a plane crash I was shocked to see him in a ward of 6 blokes. At least our VA hospitals only have 2 to a room.

      I am on one of 3 types of Medicare choices (for 65 year olds or prematurely disabled) and I have the version which has a private company manage the care. All the Government does is subsidize the premium. It’s called an Advantage Plan which was introduced by George W Bush and I have had 5 surgeries in 5 years with the best hospital care, doctors and surgical devices allowed. However Obama wants to force the Hospitals to insert the worst brands of surgical devises. I disclose that I sold these great policies since their inception because they are effective and I one receive treatment with little notice.

      The Republican plan is to have pr-existing conditions covered allow policies to be purchased across state lines and have them purchased individually instead of being through an employer which was added as a perk during WWII due to a wage freeze.

      Premiums will be much cheaper and people will not be rivaling their home mortgages with astronomical premiums with several thousand deductibles. This is why as a retied, licensed insurance agent I categorically refuse to called it the Affordable Care Act as I would be ethically lying and misrepresenting which is not permitted with my license.

        1. Soros is the luckiest Hungarian, Nazi collaborator alive because Chaim Rumkowski and Rudolf Kastner were both assassinated by the Mossad.