Inside Koenigsegg – Perfect Paint

It’s good to be back home after a few days away. While I was gone, though, I missed out on posting Episode 3 of the Inside Koenigsegg series from Youtube.

This episode takes you into the paint shop for a good look at the preparation and painting process. As with all of these episodes, you’ll end up with an appreciation of just how detailed these amazing cars are.

200 hours of polishing per car? Here’s a few other fun facts from my own previous visits to Koenigsegg – the time each car spends in the paintshop isn’t measured in hours, it’s actually measured in weeks. And the guy who runs the whole show was the former lead painter at Rolls Royce.

My favourite part of the video is “weight in the right places” – referring to 1 extra kilogram that I’m quite sure Christian lost plenty of sleep over.



You can see Episode 1 of the Inside Koenigsegg Series (Carbon Fibre) here.

You can see Episode 2 of the Inside Koenigsegg Series (Triplex Suspension) here.

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  1. Those cars are utterly expensive, but, knowing how much hand crafted detail has been put into those cars, you could almost say that they are a bargain.

    After looking at those videos a Rolls Royce feels like a mass production car, maybe that’s the reason why the RR lead painter moved to Ängelholm. 😉

    1. Christian has mentioned to me a number of times that their philosophy is one of providing value. Their cars are expensive in dollar terms, obviously, but the price you pay buys you an awful lot of performance, engineering and design. I think he probably looks after customers very personally in order to make sure they know just how much value they’re getting (it’s not like that would be an onerous task; there’s only 100 of them).