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The fourth instalment of the Inside Koenigsegg series was released today and it’s another amazing insight into the level of detail that goes into these cars.

Remember, Koenigsegg are currently finishing just the 100th car in the company’s history. Economies of scale don’t exist here. If there was ever an element of the car where you could shave off some time or money, it might be some of the hidden areas in the interior. After all, they don’t do much to make it go faster or handle better, do they?

Like everything else, though, the smallest details matter. As Koenigsegg like to say:

Every single detail of a Koenigsegg car is measured against our continuing goal: to enhance vehicle performance. This is reflected in everything we do. Nothing is insignificant.

Imagine taxing your brain on such complexities as developing your own engine, your own suspension, your aerodynamics – all that fundamental performance car stuff – and then putting your mind to developing a special bespoke spring system for mounting the buttons on your dashboard. Unbelievable.

Enjoy this latest instalment.


You can see Episode 1 of the Inside Koenigsegg Series (Carbon Fibre) here.

You can see Episode 2 of the Inside Koenigsegg Series (Triplex Suspension) here.

You can see Episode 3 of the Inside Koenigsegg Series (Perfect Paint) here.

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  1. Brilliant! You can’t underestimate the importance of great “touch and feel” and quality materials. Even the best cars can seem cheap with poor quality switches and materials in the cabin. Great series Steven…frankly I think Christian’s a genius!

    1. You only need to take a seat in a Porsche Panamera. It is high quality, but not as “high” as the price. Porsche is using lots of plastic parts. 🙁

  2. To quote Ferris Bueller: “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. ” 🙂

  3. Those ghost buttons are really cool.
    Not only that they are real aluminum buttons, but the background lightning idea is just incredibly cool.

  4. I was just thinking….even if one could afford to purchase a Koenigsegg Agera R (or any Koenigsegg car)…would you be able to insure it? If you ever had an accident, you can’t just take it to the local body shop as you would need custom parts again from Koenigsegg.

    1. I guess if you can afford one, you don’t really have to worry about something trivial like auto insurance on it. 🙂

      1. Most of the time you can’t repair carbon fibre parts, you have to replace them, repaint them …..
        I think you should buy one if you can afford two or more 😉