Inside Koenigsegg – The Brain

It’s time to go Inside Koenigsegg and explore another aspect of what I believe are the most advanced, extreme cars on the planet. This has been such a good series.

In this episode, you go right into the fine detail behind the electronic brain that controls Koenigsegg’s vehicle systems. It’s quite possibly just a little too much information, to be honest, but it continues the extraordinary insight that this series provides and if you want to get an understanding of what it takes to build any modern car, looking at the processes of a small producer like Koenigsegg gives you much of the bigger story but in a boutique setting.

As with other episodes in this series, the big take-away is how dedicated Koenigsegg are to designing absolutely everything in-house so that it performs as it should. There are no short cuts and the only thing that vaguely resembles a compromise is time (eventually you have to put out a product, after all).



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  1. You can just see Christian’s enthusiasm pouring out as he talks about this and listens to his employees talk about these cars.