Inside Koenigsegg: Putting 1140hp to the ground

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The Inside Koenigsegg video series concludes today with this final instalment – the gearbox. This one is guaranteed to go over most people’s heads. The overall concept makes sense to me but the technical bits went over my head very quickly and I think it’ll be the same for many people. I get concepts but I’m a technical imbecile. There are still several things you can appreciate, however.

First, even though it’s a video about a gearbox, the fact that it’s Christian von Koenigsegg talking about a gearbox still makes it interesting for some reason. Having watched this series from start to finish, there’s no-one else in the series that can make such technical wizardry so interesting to listen to.

Second, even thought I don’t understand the way everything works in detail, it’s still eminently clear how cutting edge this technology is. That makes the fact that Koenigsegg do all this stuff themselves rather than buying-in the component from someone else all the more remarkable.

This has been a great series to watch. Kudos to the Drive team for putting it together. I hope they stitch all the parts up into one 90-minute video.


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  1. Wow. That’s different! I expected him to prattle on about the benefits of the dual-clutch system, then he took a left turn with that small braking clutch. It doesn’t have to be big since it only stops the shaft, then releases for a quick shift through the main clutch. Very cool. Much simpler than an auto-manual dual-clutch setup.

    I must say that you are definitely in hyper car territory when you are eliminating synchro time from your shifts. Crazy attention to detail.

    The size of the gearbox is also amazingly small. It’s smaller than the gearbox on my 900 (it appears) and the 900 has only about 1/8th of the engine output of the Koenigsegg!

  2. 3:11 – 3:23 just produced a big smile on my face. Oh, to be able to drive that car!